At CNR Consulting we work with companies aiming to realize their potential internationally on known, well established volume-markets such as Germany and USA. From our own private sector experience, we understand the companies and communicate eye-to-eye and help the board, owner or sales management map the market potential followed by hand-on work within the company to help the organization successfully execute the launch on the selected market.



Furthermore we work with companies already exporting but experiencing stagnation and sales moving slower than expected; a partner not performing as per agreement or a sales subsidiary not delivering the results which were the foundation for the investment and budgets. We help the organization identify and overcome the development barriers preventing the company in reaching its goals and realizing its potential on the market in general.

Want to conquer international markets?


My team helps Danish companies launch their products and services into new territories, especially in the United States and Germany. We review your existing business model. Then we identify barriers and resolve each issue in turn. We act as your allies, helping to pave the way for a smooth launch into large, complex, and highly competitive markets. In short, we help your company maximize its growth potential.


I started CNR Consulting because I have more than 25 years of international business development experience and love helping companies expand and grow. I worked for almost 8 years at the Trade Council of Denmark in USA, which gave me the opportunity to interact with 150+ companies and help them succeed on the market. Not only do I understand the general framework conditions, but I also know how to navigate the cross-cultural conversations that greatly affect how your applications are received.


CNR Consulting is here to help you succeed.


Charlotte Nytoft

Owner & Founder



We work with the principles in GrowthWheel, the internationally recognized tool to help companies succeed through the start-up and growth process.

The owner and founder Charlotte Nytoft is a certified GrowthWheel Consultant and is now amongst the 1700 consultants world wide using the tool to help businesses get focus, set agenda, make decisions and take action.


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